Verkaufsstand Hof Löscher Winsen Feld

Winsen Luhe

The self-picking is finished!
21423 Winsen/Luhe


Verkaufsstand Hof Löscher Seevetal Meckelfeld

Seevetal Meckelfeld

21217 Seevetal
Montag – Sonntag
Admission until 6 pm

Standort Eißendorf

Hamburg Eißendorf

Reiherhoopweg über
Eißendorfer Mühlenweg
21073 Hamburg
Montag – Sonntag
Admission until 6 pm

Soon finished

Rosengarten Klecken

Mühlenstraße Ecke
21224 Rosengarten
Montag – Sonntag
Admission until 17.45 pm

As from now, you can pick your own delicious strawberries on our grounds again!
There is no fresher way to enjoy strawberries than picking them yourself.

It’s delicious fun for young and old alike, and of course you get to pick your own fruit for a small price.
Let the quality of the fresh strawberries inspire you!

You are welcome to bring your own containers. These are balanced in advance and then deducted during the payment process.
Are you dropping by spontaneously? We have plenty of baskets for you to pick yourself on site!
You must always register at the stand first, where you will be told which rows you can pick from today.

  • Register at the sales stand
  • Have your own container tared
  • Receive basket from us
  • Information about where you can pick today
  • Only pick ripe fruits
  • Pay for the picked strawberries at the stand

Important to know!

Our fields may be closed for a short period of time on a daily basis so that the fruit can continue to ripen.

Please note our opening hours and follow the instructions of our sales team.

Smoking, dogs and picnics are prohibited on our fields!